Phoebe wonders why her mummies aren’t married.
With her trusty sidekick, Biscuit the cat, she plans a big surprise wedding.
Soon, the whole town is in on it and they are all coming along!
But what about You-Know-Who?




Marriage equality. It’s the topic of the moment. Inspired by progress in the rest of the world, and galvanised by the lack of it in Australia, publisher Roz Hopkins and designer Natalie Winter wrote this sweet, uplifting story about a little girl who plans a big surprise wedding for her mummies.

Hopkins and Winter, who are joint owners of independent publishing company Captain Honey, life partners and mums, joined forces with Melbourne-based illustrator Cara King to create this special, timely picture book.


They had the ambitious idea of getting the book into every primary school in Australia, and with this in mind launched a crowdfunding campaign to raise money for the initial print run. A big success, they exceeded their target by $2,500.
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