Imagining Phoebe

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Which Phoebe would you have chosen?

For a long time, Natalie and I had discussed Phoebe. What would she look like, how would she dress, what colour hair might she have. We both had ideas in our head that it was difficult to communicate in words.

Enter Cara King, our illustrator. We’d spoken with a few illustrators before, but no-one seemed to quite ‘get it’. We asked Cara to put some character sketches together for Phoebe. When we opened the email from Cara, we both felt a surge of excitement. Here was Phoebe! Four Phoebe’s, in fact, because Cara had presented us with four versions each of which captured something about the Phoebe that we both imagined.

It wasn’t hard for us to choose, however.

Here are those original sketches. Which Phoebe would you have chosen?



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