Mummy & Mumma Get Married – free ebook (for just two days!)

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Download your free ebook here – Saturday 30 and Sunday 31 January only.

I help people to publish their own books, that’s what I do day by day. And one of the things I frequently find myself saying to them is “It may sound counter intuitive, but you need to give away your book before you can sell it”. On Amazon, that is. The reason is simple. If you don’t give away books, Amazon will not promote your title. It won’t be recommended or highlighted. But give it away for free and you stand a better chance of getting promoted (still not a certainty).

It’s a short term strategy and the author (and Amazon) both hope that the book giveaway will result in lots of positive reviews for the book, which will then generate sales.

At a quick scan on the Kindle ebookstore today, there looks to be about 4 million ebooks available. In the last 90 days alone, there have been a staggering 256,576 new releases. ‘Mummy & Mumma Get Married’ is just one of those!

Since I uploaded the book in November, there have been a grand total of 0 sales of the book via the Kindle store (unlike the print book, which is doing quite nicely in bookstores). I’m not taking it personally; nobody knows that the book is there. Instead, I am taking a spoonful of my own medicine this weekend and giving away the ebook for free on Saturday and Sunday – please download it here.

On a technical note, you can download the book directly to a Kindle Fire, but in the likely event that you don’t have one of those, simply use a free Kindle app to read the book on your tablet, phone or desktop.

We hope you take advantage of this offer and that you like the book:)

ps. Reviews on Amazon would be appreciated. Maybe then we can sell some ebooks!




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