School’s Back! Time for Mummy and Mumma to Visit?

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Woo hoo, Finally – finally – books are going out to schools next week! We are excited and looking forward to hearing how the nominated schools respond to the book.

It’s taken a little time for us to prepare the Teacher’s Notes, the letter to librarians and to finalise the school list. Anyone who nominated a school should have received an email from us asking for confirmation that their school made it on the list.

But, don’t forget, you can still nominate a school to receive a book by clicking here.

Teacher’s Notes about Same-Sex Families

A note on the teacher’s notes. They are really excellent and a super companion to the book, but they run to 14 pages. We did some numbers on the cost of printing and sending them to all our supporters and it was crazy-expensive (in excess $1000), so we couldn’t do it. But we have put the notes on this website for you to download here and they are really worth the 10 seconds it takes to download – we promise.

Card to promote the Teacher’s Notes for Mummy and Mumma Get Married
Card to promote the Teacher's Notes for Mummy and Mumma Get Married
Card to promote the Teacher’s Notes for Mummy and Mumma Get Married

Want A ‘Mummy and Mumma’ Event at Your Kid’s School?

We thought you might like to see a copy of the letter that went out to schools. Here it is:

Letter to school librarians

We didn’t have express permission to say who nominated the school, so we have made it an anonymous donation but said that the person probably had a child at the school or it was their alma mater. If you want to ‘come out’ to the school librarian or principal, please do!

And if you’d like to mention that we are available to do a book talk and reading at the school, please feel free to do that too.

You can point them to this website for contact details.

Or let us know if a school is interested and we’ll get in touch.

Perhaps we could even organise an event together if you’d like to be involved.

Or we can leave you completely out of it – that’s fine too!


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