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In 2016, my partner Natalie and I wrote and published a children’s picture book, ‘Mummy and Mumma Get Married’. We have some copies of the book left. We’d like to give them away as part of the campaign to spread the Love in the face of the same sex marriage postal vote. Please click here to get here your FREE copy. (Sorry, we do need to charge postage and packaging.)

The story centres around a little girl, Phoebe, who plans a wedding for her two mums. The whole town gets on board, but Phoebe is increasingly concerned that a character called ‘You Know Who’ will boycott the wedding, ruining the day for Phoebe and sapping the joy out of the affair.

Since we published the book we’ve had a number of emails from readers asking us ‘Who is You Know Who?’

I always give an honest answer: Tony Abbott is You Know Who. It was him we had in mind when we wrote the book. Halfway through production, the leadership spill happened and the forward-thinking dude in the leather jacket was elected. We then broadened the definition of You Know Who to make it less specific, with the idea that it could become a talking point for children, especially children with same-sex parents, to help them recognise and talk about a potential person like that in their own lives. Illustrations in the book suggested that You Know Who might be a figure of influence – a politician or religious leader, for example – or he could be just anyone in the family or local community who makes their disapproval known.


At one stage, we regretted the You Know Who storyline. The book would have been a better read for young children without it. It’s enough that a little girl plans a surprise wedding for her two mums and has the support of her community. You Know Who is a confusing and sinister element in the background of the book.

But fast forward a year or two, and here we are. That confusing and sinister element is a reality. Like others in our community, we watch as hateful posts glide past on our social media feeds, listen to the comments of strangers on TV or the radio, see the ‘No’ graffiti plastered on top of a ‘Love is Love’ sign in our local town. We stand in the queue and listen at our local coffee top as heterosexuals who have (preposterously) been asked to vote about our lives, talk about why they are not bothering to vote. We are forced to submit to a process in which politicians have scapegoated the gay community for their own self-serving ends. To abstain is the only thing worse than to participate in this shameful vote.

So, who is You Know Who? It’s like this: whether or not we know you, we know you. Whether or not we listen to you, we hear you. Whether or not we look, we see you. You Know Who is everywhere. Hopefully, with the Yes vote, we weaken his power and transform some of his hatred into love.

To claim your free copy of the book Mummy and Mumma Get Married please visit Enjoy reading it, or give away to the You Know Who in your life. Help spread the equal love.









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