A Personalised Book For Your Daughter

If your little girl has two mummies, she might like a copy of this book with HER name as the central character, don’t you think? How exciting for her to imagine herself organising her mummies’ wedding.

The miracles of print-on-demand technology make this possible for us to do. We can even include a special dedication from you to your daughter at the front of the book, making the book feel super-special and just for her.

This is a unique gift that she will treasure forever. When she looks back on it as an adult, no doubt she’ll think it was a strange time her mummies lived in that they were not allowed to get married! It will be a little piece of personal and social history.


All you need to do is order your copy, provide your daughter’s first name and a dedication  – and we’ll do the rest.

  • Customised Book
  • Every Copy Made to Order