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The Pozible Campaign

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201 supporters backed our crowdfunding campaign, helping to make this book a reality. Many of these amazing people chose to donate a copy of the book to a primary school library.

Over 100 books are soon to be sent out to primary school libraries and the campaign continues. You can participate by donating a book to the primary school library of your choice.

We subsidise this campaign by offering these books to you at a discount of $5 off the usual RRP and we throw in free shipping too. To send a book to a school library costs just $20.

All copies are sent out with Teacher’s Notes to help teachers talk to children about families with same-sex parents.


Donate to your school today!




Media Coverage

During the campaign, we received some great coverage in the media.

Check out these articles about Mummy and Mumma (the real ones!) and our book:


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