Create Your Own Book – Featuring Your Daughter’s Name!


Personalised copy of ‘Mummy and Mumma Get Married’ with your daughter’s name as the central character.

Product Description


Thanks to print-on-demand technology, we are able to offer this unique product: a version of Mummy and Mumma Get Married in which the central character is named after your child. She’s currently called Phoebe, but she could have any name!

All you need to do is tell us your daughter’s name and we will create a very special and individual book, just for her.

We will also add a dedication to her at the front of the book. Just tell us what you want to say.

(Note: once the book has been created, further copies are available to order for $30 per copy including postage. If you’d like to order more than one to start with, please contact us by email:



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